The "SOARing for Education" Affiliation program is designed to promote community building amongst different campus registered student organizations and the SOAR Center to work together and uplift the mission and vision of the center. SOARing for Education will develop authentic student leaders that will be equipped with the tools, skills, and knowledge to execute innovative, student-initiated outreach and retention programs through mentorship and student led trainings. The outreach and retention programs will foster critical dialogue, mentorship and reimagine the educational system to improve college access, retention, and graduation rates for historically underrepresented and under-resourced  communities in higher education. 

The program aspires to build a coalition network of students leaders that would help to challenge inequities faced by underrepresented and underserved students and advocate for resources to better serve our community. Please note that your registered campus organization must become a SOAR Affiliate in order to apply for retention and outreach grants.

We encourage your organization to submit the affiliation form before Sunday, October 16th, 2022.

If you have any questions please email

SOAR Mission
The mission of the Student Outreach and Retention (SOAR) Center, at UC Irvine, is to cultivate a community of authentic student leaders that aspire to develop innovative, student-initiated outreach and retention programs that foster critical dialogue, mentorship and shift the educational paradigm to improve college access, readiness, and retention rates for historically marginalized communities in higher education.
SOAR is a dynamic space that empowers student scholars through praxis to advocate and develop a transformative and equitable educational environment where students can use their education as a vehicle for social impact.
Purpose of the Grant
One of SOAR’s core values is access. Often, one of the barriers that students face in higher education is affordability. This grant is aimed to decrease the financial burden that students face with purchasing book materials. Seven scholarships ($200 per individual) will be awarded quarterly during the 2022-2023 academic year and the Summer 2023 Session will be awarded. Undergraduates from all majors are encouraged to apply.
Eligibility Requirements:

  • Be an enrolled student enrolled in an undergraduate major for the 2022-2023 academic year
  • Not a previous recipient of SOAR Book Grant
  • Enrolled undergraduate student
  • Minimum of a 2.0 GPA
  • Currently actively involved or committed/engaged in efforts in the SOAR Center throughout one's undergraduate career. Examples include being an active participant of the Pathfinder Peer Educator program, Umoja Community, Graduate Access Preparation program, a member of a registered campus organization that is affiliated with the SOAR center, or a participant of the center's programs/resources
  • Preference for students who demonstrate need such as Expected Family Contribution (EFC), does not meet the Cost of Attendance (CoA) and/or recipient of government funds (Pell Grant, Cal Grant, etc)

For questions or concerns, please email  

UCI Student Outreach and Retention Center